About Us

Star Technology Industrial Corporation Sdn Bhd is a private company which established on 21 September 2007, to be involved in the gas, oil and general supplies. STIC has registered with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (357-02108119). This is a local company led by some young entrepreneurs who qualified and experienced in the field of entrepreneurship and technical. With a combination of expertise and management experience and the highly motivated staff, STIC is anticipated to be able to participate in and contribute with other successful companies.

As a company that consists of a high caliber staff, we are committed to offer the best products and services to any party in furtherance of the project or contract entrusted to the Star Technology Industrial Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Our intention is to succeed in the areas we serve, and aim to jointly contribute to the success of the National Development Vision 2020 as well has been inspired by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the order of the former Prime Minister of the 5th, Tun Abdullah Bin Ahmad Badawi, the lead and position Malaysia to become a National Excellence, Glory and Distinction.

  • Trading

    STIC was initiated with trading business. We supply various products to government agencies and private companies. As we develop the experience, we took a step ahead by specializing in safety products. This has made ....

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  • Services

    STIC has ventured into services industry to explore and expand. We have been involved in industrial cleaning and building landscape maintenance.

    Apart from that, STIC also have started to provide industrial manufacturing services.

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Brought into line with the leadership of the Prime Minister 6th, Dato 'Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, with the concept of 1 Malaysia, People first, performance in priority. So we want to build on the inspiration to be the best indigenous companies and leading.

Desire and hope our service will be felt by all of the opportunity and confidence to Star Technology Industrial Corporation Sdn. Bhd.


Globally high reputation and competitive company for manufacturing and supplying Oil and Gas related products and services.


To deliver Oil & Gas related products and services of the highest quality, efficiency and safety.

  • Quality Policy

      STIC is totally committed to :
    • Manufacture and supply Oil & Gas related products and services at the highest quality and inaccordance to the specification and requirement of our valued customers all the time.

    • Attain the highest safety and quality standard and swift delivery.

    • Continuously monitor and improve our Quality Management System by fostering good working culture in organization.

  • Core Values

    • Generates

    • Revolutionizes

    • Improvises

Quality Objective


To achieve customer’s satisfaction of 90% and above.


To ensure each staff attended a minimum of one day (8 hours) job related training per annum.


Purchasing cycle time less than 2 weeks for repeat order and 4 weeks for new order.


To achieve machine down time of less than 5% of its operation time.


To achieve 95% of On Time Delivery (OTD).


5 % or less customer’s reject or complaint of annual delivered batches.


To maintain ZERO industrial accident at workplace.

High quality search and rescue equipment and safety products