STIC was initiated with trading business. We supply various products to government agencies and private companies. As we develop the experience, we took a step ahead by specializing in safety products. This has made us to work along various government agencies. We have established connection with various safety equipment manufacturers and distributors around the world.

Products of STIC

We are specialized in supplying safety products ranging from top wear to bottom wear. We are also supply safety and rescue equipment.

We have been supplying these products to government agencies and private companies in Malaysia.

STIC is building its capacity to extend to distributing right for high quality safety products from strong brands companies around the world. Aspiration to be a channel in Malaysia to market these products to local market is very strong. STIC always look ahead to capture new technology products to offer to local customers, indirectly keeps local customers up to date

When it comes to protecting workers’ eyes, ask for the exceptional performance and precision optics

Highest protection and confortable safety footwear.