Services of STIC

STIC has ventured into services industry to explore and expand. Now, STIC is involved in industrial cleaning and building and landscape maintenance. A division of which is a complete trained team with professional cleaning and landscape maintenance equipment.

Apart from that, STIC also have started to provide industrial manufacturing services. As we ventures into oil & gas industry, we have acquired a factory facility in Kulim, Kedah mainly for LPG Cylinder business division. This facility is a heavy industry factory custom built to facilitate all LPG cylinders repainting and re-qualification machineries. The machineries include bulk shot blasting machines, Hydrostatic test system, painting lines(overhead conveyor, painting booths and curing oven chamber), high tonnage press machine, etc.

The services provided by STIC Sdn. Bhd. that related to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are tabled below:

Type of Services Description
Manufacturing. LPG cylinders Repainting(RP).
LPG cylinders Requalification(RQ).

RC and RQ services

Oil & Gas Business involvement

Industrial Cleaning and Landscape maintenance.